Monday, April 7, 2008

Fall 2007 project

I'll start with the fall projects. I had my first grand child last November, so that was a good place to start. I thought I would make him a blanket. I found this pattern in Lily Chen's book, and have made it twice now. It comes out big enough to fit the whole crib:
(I'll add the photo later)

Next came the slippers. I started off making me a pair of slippers, but they came out too big so Frank ended up with them and named them the Armadillo slippers:

I ended up making 3 or 4 more pairs like this, and finally made me a pair that looks nothing like this, but I didn't like the way the yarn feels on my feet so I lined them with fleece and that made them so much better. Eventually, the pattern evolved into, I think, a better looking pair of slippers:Maybe someday I'll make me a pair that looks like this. These were done for a swap, now I'm really liking this pattern. I've also been making some children's and baby booties using the fun fur so they look like little bear feet.

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