Monday, April 7, 2008

2008 projects

I started seeing things made out of ties. All I had to do was let my friend Zonia know I needed some and the boxes started arriving in the mail. There was no getting out of this one! In exchange I needed to make her a purse. I found a few patterns online, but was totally intimidated by them, my skills are not up to those and neither is my 30 year old sewing machine! For starters I made a few wine bottle holders, they came out pretty good. They've been sent back to Washington, to the wine country to see how they will sell. Thank you Zonia. Oh, the purse......Zonia finally pinned me down last week to see how her purse was coming along. UGH! On Saturday I told Frank to not let me pick up a crochet hook until I had made Zonia her purse. Finally, I just threw out the directions I was trying to follow and came up with my own design, the quality isn't up to most of the purses I've been seeing online, but I was pretty satisfied with the results, and it was actually (gasp) FUN! I even put in a liner, didn't think I could pull that one off. I made 3 more! On a couple of them I used the wide tip of the tie (unfolded) for the inside pocket, I think that came out too cute.

I also came up with a new design for the wine bottle holders only using 2 ties instead of 4 and they look great, plus take less time to make. They just seem to design themselves.

A couple of potholders made from scraps. These I just love, but take more work then anything else I've done. I'm thinking I may have to keep these for myself.
A big box of goodies will be shipped to Zonia this week, she will be so proud! I wonder which purse she will keep for herself...

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Polissone said...

Wow !! it is very beautiful ! you had a wonderful idea. I like very much the bag.