Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Frost = Lots of Work!

 This is the time of year I need to take a couple of weeks off of work to deal with the fall harvest, we are overwhelmed with fruit and veggies.  Until the frost hits we can pick when we want, but after the first frost all of the veggies have to be picked and dealt with.

 One of about 8 apple trees, and the same amount of plum trees. Everyone we know who wants fruit has fruit and we still have a ton to deal with.  The leftovers keep the deer fed for a while though.

 The frost just melts all the plants in the garden, they look so sad now.
 Last week-end I made 11 pints of salsa, dried apples, made apple sauce, and a plum apple sauce. Plums and apples go really well together.
Didn't forget my favorite guy, he ended up with an apple pie, one of many I'm sure!