Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Easter/Birthday Cake

 I don't bake too much any more, I love too, but we also love to eat it!  So, I try and only bake on special occasions, mostly birthdays.  It was so beautiful out today, and it was Easter, so I thought something light for spring, Easter, and Ruth's Birthday was called for.
We are getting a lot of eggs now, so decided to make this white cake, 9 egg whites with a cheesecake filling.  I'd been wanting to try a cake with a cheesecake for the filling for some time now.  I wasn't disappointed with the results either. YUM. I cooked down some raspberries with oj for a little extra flavor. This is a Martha Stewart cake recipe, and I think the cake could be ate with no frosting and taste wonderful.  The filling is from Paula Dean. The whole cake was frosted in a cream cheese frosting. I'm just glad there were enough people to take the leftovers home. Of course we did take a couple of pieces for later though ......

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