Sunday, January 6, 2013

Boy, Are We Spoiled!

Last summer when we went back to Alaska to visit, we stayed with our friends Jacque and Peter in Juneau. Staying at their home is like staying at the best B & B you can imagine. Jacque spoiled us rotten, her daughter gave up her bedroom for us, made sure they had our favorite food items and drinks on hand, they really are the best hosts ever.  We got to experience first hand their espresso machine they had bought a few years earlier. Talk about a good (no great) cup of coffee, I was bouncing off the walls most days because I couldn't stop drinking it.  The machine is a Saeco brand,(order through Costco online)  it has a hopper on top that you fill with coffee beans, and a water reservoir on the side. You put your cup under the spout, dial how much coffee you want, a full cup or shot of espresso and push the button. Wonderful!  We fell in love....................when we got home we looked up those machines online, then decided our little Mr. Coffee pot would have to do us for a while, since we could not justify the cost of the Saeco......probably for many years.

Sometime in December I got home from work and there is a huge box on our kitchen table. I asked my husband "what did you buy now?"  He thought I had ordered something.  Then I noticed the brand on the side of the box, and the packing slip had Jacques name on it.  I was in shock, didn't even want to open the box........oh my....................

The first thing I said when I called Jaques was "have you lost your mind" Her response "OH! You got your present!" 

I would not normally recommend or do reviews, but this makes the best cup of coffee, and it's so easy. She said she has had hers for over 2 years and has never had any problems with it.  We are looking forward to many happy years together!  Thank You, Jacque and Peter.............

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