Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blog or not to Blog.....The New Year Question

I haven't posted in months. I start out good and then peter out. Now the question I am asking myself: keep blogging or stop?  It's not like I've quit crafting, I've been so busy crocheting and knitting for the holidays I just haven't had time to blog.  So here I am again trying to decide what to do.  This year I want to knit more, I want to make more clothes and get away from the hats and scarves.  I'm thinking those round cardigans, light summer sweaters, and big thick cowls for winter. First I will finish up the socks I started for myself last year and work on a baby project for my great grad niece/nephew that is due in February. I will start the New Year off healthy, going off sugar, alcohol, and wheat.(notice I did not say coffee)........................and I will post the goings on of the Byrd Farm. 

So here's to a good start of a Happy 2013!

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