Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Talented Husband of Mine

 Our chickens were attacked by a dog, this is one that survived.  Dr. Byrd fixed his broken leg, yet another use for Duct Tape!  The leg doesn't want to heal straight, but I think he'll survive.  Now he can add broken chicken legs to his animal fixes, once I had to hold the cat so he could stitch up a wound she received jumping on the fence.
 His green house is bursting with green, just waiting to be planted, it's just amazing to me. Left to me it would all be brown.
And his pea trellis he just built. I love it, so do the
peas,it's only been a couple of days and they are
already crawling up it. Soon it will be covered and
you won't be able to see how cool it is......

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