Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Place for Mom

 I always said to my brother and sister I would take care of mom someday.  Well, that day is getting closer. Mom is doing great, she'll be 77 and is still driving and going to Curves!  But she just needs to be closer then the 8 hour drive it takes to get to her now, and I'm the closest child to her.  She hates being alone in the winter, and I know she loves the beach, and the thought of having to move is really hard on her. But we've been talking about it since we moved back from Alaska and she's warming up to it now. Sounds like she may be getting excited now that it's really happening.............Broke ground yesterday out behind our house.

Doesn't look like that big of a spot in the dirt, but she'll have a nice 3 bedroom modular in less then 2 months!  I'm so glad she's decided to sell her place and move here while she can, and not when she has too.  This way she'll have her own space and still be able to visit when all the grandkids, and great grandkids, plus other relatives come to visit.  When we ordered the modular I didn't even realize she picked the same color as this garage she'll be using too! How funny is that!

They left the big trucks out back...........I wonder if the keys are still in them......mmmmmmm

I'm so thankful I still have my mom and for the opportunity to have her near us at this time in her life.  If you have your parents still, call them and tell them you love them, or better yet, go see them!

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