Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Little More Tie Action

When I talked with my friend Zonia last, she mentioned the tie aprons I was supposed to be making, in other words get off my butt and get busy! They seemed to go together really easy, I'm thinking it was a nice break from crocheting. I would have modeled them, but for some reason aprons and short chunky people don't go together. I think you need to be tall and thin for an apron, at least these aprons! So the pictures aren't that great, but here are 4 of the 7 that I managed to crank out the last couple of days:

I was hoping to use most of my stash of ties, but it barely made a dent. So I supposed I could always make more if needed.

1 comment:

Anji Gallanos said...

Your aprons are them. What a great way to upcycle. I'm in Juneau...nice to see such great craftiness in SE.

bye for now