Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Broomstick Lace

I love the look of Broomstick Lace, I've only tried it once, and well it was a disaster. So when I joined on of my last swaps on Craftster, the sweat shoppe swap, and this scarf from Broomstick lace was being offered I had to make it my first choice. In this swap you make 5 items all the same and then pick your top 5+ items and hopefully you get some that you picked.
The finer the yarn you use the more lacy it looks.
The gal who made this scarf goes by Guineverefree, I think she did a really good job. It's inspired me to try it again.
I also got this tile necklace. Made by Klum78. A lot of the items I get I use for presents, but I really like the looks of this, so I'll probably keep it, and maybe someday I'll even wear it! I guess I could use it as my "fishing" necklace, since I don't have fishing "diamonds"!

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