Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Hat for "The Shop"

I got this hat done in time to enter in the fair, brought me a first place........not bad.  One thing about entering items in the fair is the constructive criticism you get when it's returned to you.  Sometimes you get so caught up in your projects you forget the little things that make it more better.  This hat was made with Lyons Brand Chunky Yarn, I think it's fairly new, and it's so soft and cushy.  

 There's no pattern to this hat. I just sat down with my new yarn and started crocheting, sometimes it's best just to let things flow.

I got this loaded into my Etsy Shop finally.  I've really been neglecting that shop since going back to work, moving my mom, getting ready for the fair, I could go on and on!  There's so many things I want to make and so little time!!!!

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