Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Great Find

I found this great crochet book in the thrift store last week, it was published in 1989. Once I got past everyone's hair dos I noticed there are some really GREAT sweaters in there. The book was translated to English, so the patterns are going to take a little to figure out, but I think they will be well worth it. Of course all of their sweaters are made with such wonderful (expensive) yarns, that mine will probably never look like theirs, it's so hard for me to splurge on yarn and then worry that I'll ruin it, or worse never make anything with it.

So I thought I would try some sweaters out first with some yarn from my stash. This is some Bernat baby yarn, not fingering weight like they suggest, but I think it will work, and since it will be for my grandson who will be a size 4T next winter, it just may work. If not I don't think I'll be out a lot of $.
Here's the example of the "cable" as the book calls it for this sweater. There are so many cabled sweaters in here. So as soon as I finish knitting my socks (almost done), my sons afghan for his birthday, my moms slippers for mothers day, I think I'll start some sweaters. It's so hard not to start now, but I just don't dare start one more project without finishing up at least one of the others!

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