Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blocking A Finished Item

I've read many ways on how to block an item after it's finished. I still like the way my dad used to block his crocheted items though. This scarf I knitted, YES, I KNITTED, what a feeling, really needed some blocking done to it as you can see.
I just use a big towel to lay it on, pin it in place, get a damp cloth to lay on top of it. Then use the iron on the steam setting to press it flat. This scarf was really curled, so after steaming I let it cool while still pinned in place.

On items that are not out of proportion too bad, a lot of time I don't pin them down, and just shape them when they are warm from the iron. But always use a damp cloth between your iron and finished product so you don't scorch all of your hard work.

I think this scarf will be used more as an accessory instead of warmth. I used Jaeger Roma yarn that I had bought online at Smiley's Yarn I didn't realize I would LOVE this yarn as much as I do, and now I'm kicking myself for not buying more. Of course they are out of this now at the price I got it at, but I will keep checking back.
Like Frank says, at least my holes are where I want them now!

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