Saturday, October 4, 2008

What the...............

So I ended up taking out the last row and just doing the ruffle edge, I can tell, which of course bugs the crap out of me...............but will a non-crocheter know?

I keep thinking I should do "something" of my own. I always have ideas in my head, so why not try it. I found this yarn at the thrift store and it is so soft. There were 2 skeins so I thought for sure I'd have enough. I really like how the Luna Scarf is made from the middle out, so thought I would do the same for this scarf. One side took one skein, so why wouldn't I have enough for both sides?

There isn't enough yarn to do the ruffley thing on the edge, so a couple of solutions: Frank said to leave it as it is........uuuuh no, could take out that last row then put the ruffley edge on, then just give it away (Autumn always likes my stuff), or just take it out and make a hat out of it. Any ideas?

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