Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cable Slippers

This is the first time I've ever written a pattern (pictures included, they always help me when I am learning something new) for anyone but myself. That takes time to write those! If anyone would like to try it out and give me feedback, I would really appreciate it.
Womens size 7 1/2 -8
Size J hook, red heart super saver yarn

Sole: Chain 21, sc down and around chain to beginning, keep working around for 7-9 rows (or to get to desired size) Adding and extra 1-3 sc’s on each end to keep it flat. If sole ends up too wide and too short for your foot, start over with a longer chain. I cut out and sew a fleece bottom to the inside (wrong side) of sole. If you do, make sure you leave the last row of stitches open.

Top (working from the top of the toes up):
Row 1: Chain 14, dc in 4th chain from end (this counts as 1st dc), and in every chain, for 12 dc’s across. Chain 3, turn.
Row 2: fpdc (front post double crochet) in next 3 dc’s, bpdc (back post double crochet) in next 4 dc’s, fpdc in last 4 dc’s. Chain 3, turn.
Row 3: bpdc in next 3 dc’s, skip next 2 dc’s and fpdc in 3rd and 4th dc, then go back and fpdc in 1st and 2nd dc’s that were skipped. Bpdc in last 4 dc’s. Chain 3, turn.
Row 4: fpdc in next 3 dc’s, bpdc in next 4 dc’s (these will be scrunched together due to the cross over, just separated them to find the right ones), fpdc in last 4 dc’s.
Row 5: bpdc in next 3 dc’s, fpdc in next 4 dc’s, bpdc in last 4 dc’s. Chain 3, turn.
Row 6: Repeat row 4
Row 7: Repeat row 3
Row 8: Repeat row 4
Row 9: Repeat row 5
Row 10: Repeat row 4
Row 11: Repeat row 3
Row 12: Repeat row 4
This completes the top, do not end.

Sides and heal:
Chain 22 and attach to other side of top with slip stitch, opposite of beginning of chain. (lengthen or shorten chain according to fit).
Row 1: With front side facing you, sc down top and all the way around (including chain) putting 2 sc’s in corners of toes. ( I ended up with about 20 sc’s on each side, not counting the heel). Slip stitch when you get to beginning. Chain one.

Row 2-3: sc all the way around in back sc only.

Check here for fit against the sole for fit. Mine were a little big so on the 4th row I decreased sc’s, about 1 per side. After the 4th row you can end or make a big loop and start from there when you secure to sole.

Attach to Sole:

Pin top to sole, wrong sides together, starting with a pin at the toes and heel to make it even. Slip stitch around. You can end here or add a cuff.


Attach yarn where the heel and top join.
Sc around back of heel in back stitches only, work around back of heel to top (do not work across the top yet), slip stitch into top, chain one, turn and sc back along heel in back stitch only, this time go all the way around across the top, ending where you started. Chain 2 (turn ?) This is a good time to try on and see if the heel is too loose)

Working back across the top (clockwise) dc in all the sc’s (decrease in heel if needed) all the way around, you want an even number of dc’s. I decrease randomly until I have 30 all the way around. Join at the top of your chain 2 with slip stitch. Chain 2 (counts as your 1st dc)

Row 2: fpdc in next dc, bpdc in next dc, fpdc in next dc, switching back and forth all the way around. Join with slip stitch. Chain 2.

Row 3: fpdc in next fpdc, bpdc in next, etc, working your way around so you have the front posts in the front posts and back posts in the back posts. Slip stitch to join.

Don't forget to add some "no slip" on the bottoms. I use that rubber stuff from craft, and just cut out any shape and hand sew it on.

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Muddlepud said...

They look nice and cozy. I can't ever make things like this for myself because my feet get too hot, but I always think they're neat.