Monday, January 2, 2012


Where did the year go? I had such good intentions to keep up with this blog, and my Etsy shop. I have been crocheting like made and posting-nothing..............It was crazy just trying to keep up with Christmas presents and craft shows this winter.
 My daughter wanted me to make a Monkey Hat, so this is what I came up with....simple pattern, easy to make, but now I think I am all Monkeyed out! 
I'm looking for inspiration this new year, hoping to make a few sweaters, and to knit more, but these little hats and mittens are so darn cute, it will be hard not to add them to my Etsy Shop......

So here's to a Happy New Year, I hope yours is full of yarn, grandkids, chickens and a huge garden!

We are truly blessed.......................

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