Saturday, April 30, 2011

Where am I?

I couldn't decide if I wanted to keep this blog or not, pretty obvious huh?

Today I was looking for a pattern on my computer that I thought I had saved, and then remembered my blog, surely I had posted it on my blog.................not. But what I did find was a fun trip down memory lane, and a renewed since of blogging. So here I am, back to the blog world.

I've been busy, I've been bored, I've been fired (yes, FIRED!) from my job, very humbling, and so I've been crocheting and knitting, learning to garden and learning to not be afraid of chickens. I've been baking and gaining weight, applying for jobs, and I started an Etsy shop. Yes, I took the plunge and now I feel like I need to be crafting every second my hands are free.

My Estsy shop is: And I'm probably supposed to have some kind of pretty little link there, but in time, I just need time. And now I will be going back to work in the real world once again, I start May 9th. What was I saying about time..........................................

My goal will be to post on my blog at least once a week, or you'll be able to see what I am up to at my Etsy shop, but I seem to be my worst critic, I'll finish a project and then feel it is not good enough for my shop, and so my shop does not have a lot for sale at this time. I'm thinking I need to create a place in my shop for the mis-shapens, the odd balls, a clearance room so to speak.........of course it probably wouldn't look to good to have more in my clearance room then in my shop!

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