Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not Just Twiddling My Thumbs....

Really I haven’t been just sitting around watching Frank do work around my moms house. I finished a shawl got it in the mail, and oops, forgot to take a picture of it! Dang. With the leftover yarn I made a little hat for Riley, I sure hope it fits……

I’ve been practicing my knitting, if you can call it knitting. I only can do the knit stitch, I’m totally baffled by the purl stitch. I’ll have to have Ruth show me when I see her next, but I do need more practice doing the knit stitch, so I’ll keep at it.
How does it look bh?

Then I started a baby blanket, the pattern is out of the Happy Hooker Crochet book. In the book it is a small blanket for the car seat, but I wanted it for a crib size and I’ve probably managed to even get it bigger then that. I could run the stripes the long way though, so I’ll consider doing that. The colors remind me of that Brachs candy with the coconut.

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